Alpha Public College

About Us

Alpha Public College is a vibrant educational institution known as “Masti ki pathshala,” which means a school of fun and learning. We believe that education should be an enjoyable and engaging experience for students. Our dedicated team of teachers utilizes explanatory illustrations and practice materials that are not only interesting but also imaginative and well graded. We strive to develop our students’ skills to the extent that they can perform with minimal assistance from their teachers or parents.

At Alpha Public, we recognize that children are born with a natural sense of curiosity and a desire to explore the world around them. Therefore, we provide meaningful activities that offer ample opportunities for students to share ideas, satisfy their curiosity, and engage in hands-on learning. We emphasize the importance of appreciating the diversity in our environment and understanding various life processes, cultivating a scientific attitude among our students. Our goal is to keep the spirit of an explorer scientist alive in each child.