Alpha Public College

We Believe in


Good Education

Adaptation to New Teaching methods

Child Centered & Activity based learning

Fun - Filled Environment of Study


Adaptation to New Teaching methods

Good Education

Child Centered & Activity based learning

Fun - Filled Environment of Study

Welcome To Alpha Public College

Alpha Public College is a vibrant educational institution known as “Masti ki pathshala,” which means a school of fun and learning. We believe that education should be an enjoyable and engaging experience for students. Our dedicated team of teachers utilizes explanatory illustrations and practice materials that are not only interesting but also imaginative and well graded. We strive to develop our students’ skills to the extent that they can perform with minimal assistance from their teachers or parents.
At Alpha Public, we recognize that children are born with a natural sense of curiosity and a desire to explore the world around them.

Director’s Message

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,
    I extend a warm welcome to all of you at Alpha Public College, a school that values the power of education and the joy of learning. We take pride in being a “Masti ki pathshala,” where education is imparted through fun and engaging methods.
At Alpha, our dedicated team of educators strives to create an environment that sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and instills a scientific attitude in our students. We firmly believe that each child has a unique potential waiting to be unleashed. Our teachers use explanatory illustrations and imaginative practice materials to make learning interesting and enjoyable for every student.



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Salient Features

1. The school employs the latest audio-visual aids, psychological and scientific apparatus for teaching, fostering and all round development of children.

2. The school nurtures social equality, cultural values and internationalism in children.

3. Individual attention is given to each and every child.

4. Daily homework is given in all the subjects which is checked daily by the concerned teacher.

5. Monthly test are held.

6. Suggestions for the child’s further progress are given to the parents at the parents teachers meeting.

7. Constant interaction with the parents is maintained and their co-operation in the education of the children is sought.

8. Computer education is compulsory from class II to XII. 

9. A well maintained library exists to equip the students as well as the teachers with day to day information and knowledge.

Special Moment

There are many special moments in school that students cherish and remember for years to come. These moments can be anything from academic achievements to social events and everything in between. Here are some of the most memorable moments that students often look back on with fondness:

WHy Choose Us ?

  • Safe and stimulating global learning environment
  • Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Commitment towards safety of students
  • Optimum class strength for more one to one learning opportunities
  • Activity Day for beyond academic activities to engage students into experiential learning
  • Plethora of sports and extra-curricular activities supported by requisite infrastructure
  • Partnerships with global leaders and schools for global exposure


Dinesh Prajapati
Dinesh Prajapati
Alpha public college is very good school
Pooja Verma
Pooja Verma
Aunnal function
Aradhya Srivastava
Aradhya Srivastava
Alpha Public School is the best School that I have been ever joined in my whole life. They give us proper facilities and the teachers of the school are so good they treat us like our parents and teach us very well. The education is very good. They also conduct speech competitions which make the students confident in speaking in front of the public. I am also a student of this school and I was so shy, confidenceless, and weak in studies, games and all the things before, but after joining the school I have participated in many different types of competitions and slowly I became confident ,good in studies also. Now I can give any type of speech in the front of the people. I just loved my school. Thank you Alpha for making my life full of positive thoughts.